Do Something Every Day That Brings You One Step Closer To Your Goal


A Georgia native that currently resides in Jacksonville for the last 15 years, I began her fitness and wellness journey in 2009 with a group of coworkers who joined a local gym.  Initially not knowing anything about proper fitness and training, I entered the gym with an open mind and a desire to get into better shape.  After having a child and several years of not working out, I made the decision that I wanted to change my body and look better.  I really did not like the changes my body made after having a baby and becoming physically inactive.  As a teenager, I was into cheerleader and active. I always had an athletic physique and enjoyed sports and physical activity.  My coworkers were my initial motivators, but eventually, everyone else’s lives changed along with their gym attendance.  I continued to learn and improve on my own.  Body transformation was I primary motivation from that point.  After seeing physical changes from putting hard work at the gym, I knew I’d found my passion.  I have been pursuing fitness ever since.

Yannika coaches group training classes that focus on strength conditioning and metabolic high-intensity training.  She also does private one on one personal training sessions. Yannika works with over 20 clients on a daily basis, helping them reach their fitness goals, be better and stronger individuals, and maintain healthier lifestyles.

“I believe fitness creates unity among people and communities.  It challenges people to pull together to accomplish things they couldn’t do before or knew possible.  Fitness connects people and creates a bond that motivates and inspires through reciprocation.  There is no one-sidedness; everyone works hard by adding in their level or degree of work and effort to achieve a goal together.”


If You Always Do What You Always Did, You’ll Always Get What You Always Got.

Optimal Fitness was started in 2015.  It is a personal training service entity that focuses on moving the individual towards a better and healthier lifestyle through physical fitness.  The objective of OF is to train you to get optimal results and reach your fitness goals through the use of proper training.  Ensuring that our clients see the best results from wellness and fitness we offer customized training programs and support services.

Optimal Fitness will make sure you are informed and given the tools you need to take charge of your life and commit to being a better human overall.  From one on one personal training to group and partner training, nutritional coaching, and an accountability support system, we aim to get people EXCITED about health and fitness and making it a permanent new lifestyle.   When people train with Optimal Fitness they experience personalized attention, guidance, and support all in one customized program.  Our properly designed fitness programs show the difference you can make on your journey towards personal improvement.  We are professional, efficient, goals-driven, and want to maximize your determination and hard work to get you results!

Optimal Fitness wants to help you achieve your goals no matter who you are or what you do, or what your challenges may be.  Our trained professionals seek to understand each person’s unique needs, provide personalized attention while offering ongoing support throughout the entire journey.    The design of each one on one program is based on an initial consultation set up with a certified trainer in order to identify needs and goals.  Each session will be customized based on your fitness level and experience in combination with your performance in previous sessions.  This way your trainer is able to make an informed assessment of your fitness level and adjust your program when needed, whether that means scaling back because of injury or need for more development in certain areas, or progressing your workout plan due to achieving and surpassing a goal, all while motivating you along the whole way.